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What a legacy indeed. They have left so much behind...between the people they touched and converted, and shared the Gospel of Jesus with. They have done their job well. I am sure they were welcomed into paradise with angels singing and God saying, "Welcome home Children. Well done, well done."

This was beautiful, well written and touched my heart and soul. My condolences for your loss, but how you must rejoice at the life spent here on earth. And, now continuing in God's presence.

God Bless you~
I identify with Meg. But am only at my "beginning" in my search and study of Scripture in its plainest (and different) way God means for His words to be understood. Biblical history is very important. When we sincerely seek God, His Holy Spirit will answer every question we want to know of Him and His purposes. Well done to James Jr.and John. God bless their lives to bless many pointing them to the One and Only God. Amen.
This is a beautiful testament to your sister. I could sense her life ended far too soon. However, I believe in her short life she probably touched quite a few people and taught their sons to do likewise. I can feel the pride and love through the page.
Beautiful and moving family story. So sad for your loss, but God truly provided through their children. Blessings and thank you for sharing. She must have been an amazing person.