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This is a sweet story. I liked how you used the antic's of little Ryee to make your point. We all can learn from children.

Make sure you start a new paragraph each time a different person speaks.

You did a fantastic job in the beginning you painted a vivid picture for me with your showing words. I feel in love with the little one and wanted to read more about her. Nice job with the message too.
I like the way you contrasted your upbringing with the courageous spirit Ryee displayed. Our parents can inhibit us or give us the freedom to be what we want to be. You have learnt from your experience what you thought you were missing, but God is still using you and His grace is sufficient for you.
What a great story! This was totally on topic and entertained in the interim.

I envisioned Ryee on the ground scrambling with her twin brother. It unfolded in mind's eye. Nicely done.

I knew a "Ryee" in grade school...she was tougher than the boys, and didn't seem to have a care in the world on her shoulders.

Excellent job of "side by side" comparison study of the teacher and Ryee.

Loved it. God Bless~
Beautifully put. I loved this story. G=God R=riches A=at C=Christ's E=expense spells grace. Thanks for sharing and God bless.
Hi -

Thank you for this pleasant read. Especially, I enjoyed the spunky girl.

Also, your pondering was food for thought indeed.
I really enjoyed your article and your take on this topic.
Congratulations for placing 8th in level two!