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How many carry burdens not meant for them? This story points that out so perfectly. We tend to think we can do it on our own when God calls all to take EVERYTHING to Him and make all things known to Him. That truly does make us weary. Thank you for sharing and God bless.
You can really feel this grandmother's heartbreak. Nice way to let us watch the healing, also. Good job.
An all together wonderful entry illustrating the amazing power of Jesus Christ in all things. I love the meaning and the message of this well written entry. Powerfully done.

Thank you.

God Bless,

This is a beautiful story and it touched me greatly. I was chiding myself earlier that this week I hadn't gotten the chance to read as many articles this week. I now believe God wanted me to read them today. This is the second story that spoke directly to my bruised and battered heart. Through your words, I could her Jesus telling me to not give up on life just yet. Thank you so much.
This is so real and touches the heart deeply. Beautifully written and a reminder of the great pain many mothers go through in one way or another. Thank you for writing this.
Congratulations for placing 7th in level two!