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Great job with the topic. Beautiful and powerful devotional that resonates truth.

Wonderful. God Bless~
Great opening hook! A bit of editing needed, and a closer tie in to topic, but the message was crystal clear.
This was a wonderful devotional and one that I say almost everyday.

While it was a message about faith and strenth, I'm not sure it was on topic. However, this is one that I could read over and over.

I look forward to reading more of your work. God Bless.
The opening statement got me in and kept me in. Perhaps a little polishing would have made it much better and something to make a clearer relationship with the topic.

Good job and I enjoyed the read.
You've given us a good message to think about and a challenge to strive for.
Nice job.

Generally speaking, if you're going to do a devotional, you need to give us something new, and not just repeat what has already been said.

There are some great reminders of truth here, though. Nice job.
Awesome job. Nice reminder that we can't survive in this crazy world without God to shield us. Love your opening paragraph!
All good truths told here. A personal illustration of each area would have made the article even stronger. Well done and beneficial for the reader.
This is a creative, fresh take on the topic. I admire you for pushing on to enter even if you don't have an idea right away. You never know how God will use your words to touch others.

The main thing I had trouble with in this piece was that super long middle paragraph. I think the points you were making were quite clever. Perhaps if you had given an example of the weapons and how to use it, it might have broken that paragraph down into several smaller ones that wouldn't feel so overwhelming.

I think you had a nice solid beginning and end. You also presented views to make one think and that's always a plus. Keep writing and know God will use your words to his glory.
Thankyou Donna for this wonderful reminder today of all that God has made available for His much loved children in Christ. Precious.