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Oh I simply loved this.

What a beautiful and inspiring story. This was so touching, I knew it had to be true. The true stories always call out to my heart!

I loved it. You are wonderful, congratulations!
This will touch many.

God Bless you~
Oh! I love the guts of those who will stand and fight for one with potential, even if that one has no clue she has it. The teacher with the "blind squirrel" comment needs to be drummed out of teaching. You need to be congratulated for this story, but much more for being a teacher who changes lives.
This is a good story and a great example of encouragement, both the positive and negative.

You had some tiny typos and one or two sentences that felt awkward. Get a good proofer and have them read it aloud. If they stumble, you may want to restructure the sentence.. Also if you double space between paragraphs it will give the reader that all-important white space.

The fact that this was true really touched my heart. My oldest struggled in high school but once she receive the proper help, she thrived, went on and received her Master's. Thank you for caring for the students who will one day be our hope for the future.
The powerful contrast between positive and negative words. Thank you for sharing this important story.

One bit of red ink. You shared 2 POV's the student and the teacher. Perhaps the piece is too short for both?