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I loved this entire creative piece. It was beautiful and touched my heart. I loved the whole concept you formed with the topic. Wonderful job. Personal preference I love KJV, or NKJV.

I am very impressed - fantastic job. Thank you for this. God Bless~
Well done. So creative, full of truth, easy to read and is right on topic. Thanks.
I think this was a very creative way to tell your message. I chuckled because it also shows how different people are. Personally, I think one of God's greatest gifts is that we don't know when are time is up. Regardless of what we would prefer, you did a nice job with this piece.
This was creative, a Q&A with Almighty God. I loved the response God gave and felt my spirit shaking her head in agreement with all that was said. I just loved the article...Nice work..
I loved the contrast between puny man and God. I was reading last night in Isaiah how compared to Him, we are grasshoppers. I cannot imagine how badly we would mess up if given the opportunity to call the shots. I'll take God's way, thank you!

Very creative and well done!