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Well done, a good reminder that the value of our work as mothers and volunteer workers is not measured by the amount of pay we (don't) get. Our value is seen by God, if not by society.
Beautifully written-wonderful entry. It engaged me from the very first sentence to the last.

Masterful job of bringing the MC to "life" as she realizes her "worth" is priceless in God's eyes.

Loved this. Great job.
God Bless you~
Great article. It was a good attention getter (if there is such wording:) No greater path than to serve God and to raise your children in His ways. Enjoyed each sentence.
Great article! Very well written and super story of what I am sure many wives and mothers deal with at one time or other in their lives. No greater profession on earth than a godly wife and mother!

Sincerely in Christ,

Good job. If you preview before you submit, you can give it a little more white space between paragraphs. It would be easier on the eye. They don't always paste the way we have them formatted on our computers.
You did a lovely job of capturing the MCs feelings of despair and what-ifs. I used to work 60 hours a week before a chronic illness robbed me of my job. But I am so grateful that I was always there for my kids. When my youngest was about 7, she looked at me and said, "Mom,I'm glad you're sick cuz you are always there for me not at work like my friends' moms." She made me realize how important my real job is. You conveyed this message nicely.
How many women are there in the world who torture themselves as this mother did and never discover that they are the builders of the future and the glue that holds society together through their volunteerism. How grateful I am this mom discovered the truth. I hope she can come to the point of proudly declaring this to anyone who askes.
You captured well the internal warfare of answering a simple question. The answers are not simple for they are as complex as the road bringing us to where we are. Thank You for reminding us, everything we do is for His glory!
Congratulations for ranking 7th place in level 2! Happy dance. The highest rankings are given in the message boards late on Thursday.