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This was written with suspense and the suspense was greatly rewarded in the last verse. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard with this wonderful entry. I am sure (if this is a true story) it wasn't funny for the MC. But, it certainly is a story for all ages!

God Bless you~
I can almost feel my own face flamming as I imagine the embarrassment of this lady. Does she have the fortitude to turn this around with an ability to laugh at herself? She's doomed if she doesn't! Good job.
Just when you want to make a good impression! Thanks for a fun story (not funny at the time, though.)
I absolutely loved it.
This actually happened to a church organist that I know. So well done. Thanks.
I wonder if this is a true story, if so that poor lady sure got off to a humiliating start! I feel embarrassed for her just reading this. Well written.
Every woman's worst nightmare come true! I'm glad you...ahem, I mean 'the MC' can laugh at it now! Well done!
This is fantastic!! To put such a funny tale into a really good poem, is great - well done. Hope this does well!
I had a friend who walked from home into town with her skirt tucked into her knickers. There were hoots and waves from passing drivers but she waved back thinking they were admiring her cute bottom.
I was going to write about that, but you've done it so well in verse.
Delightfully funny poem!
I'm sorry - but I'm still laughing....thanks! I needed that! Be blessed.
OH dear! What fun, and how awful for your MC. Great read.
Just hope that her husband preacher hadn't got his flies down that morning. Funny!
Yep. Been there, seen that.
You nailed it. LOL
When I saw you pop back onto the boards, I had to check out your name. I found this story and am surprised that I hadn't commented on it. You did a great job with this and had me giggling and blushing. It has many messages as it shows even Pastor's wife can make mistakes. I think the message I like the best I though it may have been embarrassing someone from there to here and to see the problem and reached out to help her. This was a great way to start the year and now that the year is nearing its end, this story is a delightful way to end a difficult and sad year because even though we may wonder how I we do need to move on and heal from the heartache for the families in New Town CT you gave me a bit of a respite and I thank you. When you think about the impact of your story, it really shows how powerful emotions can be.