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This was an interesting take on the topic. "Threatening email" akin to a "bullying" one. Technically considered spam because both are obviously unwanted. So nice job of contriving a story within the topic.

Nicely done! God Bless~
Very intriguing and a good read. It had me wanting to know who was It's Me, and what did they have over Jennifer?! I like your writing style, and with a bit of 'tightening up' this would make an excellent mystery (by this I mean trying to take the suspense to another level or two, drawing out the sinister meaning behind the message). I really did like this story, well done.
You hooked me with the title. The first paragraph then grabbed me too and I was eager to keep reading.

Some of the sentence were a little awkward and I stumbled over them. Having someone read your story aloud will help you catch those sentences. For example:
She had to get going on her work for her boss, Mr. Wilson and she was in a bit of a rush but it would be on her mind, if she didn’t.
At first I thought Mr. Wilson and her boss both were in a rush. Just by adding a comma after Mr. Wilson, will show that it is a phrase telling the reader that the boss' name is Mr. Wilson.

I think you did a great job building the suspense. I also really enjoyed the ending. I thought it was great that the blackmailer was fired. Nice job.
A great plot, and I agree with the others that with some extra editing and a little more "showing" rather than "telling" this would be fantastic into an expanded story. Great job!
Overall, the skeleton is here for a good suspense story. I thought you captured the topic and did so from a different, and unique angle.

How well crafted was the story?...As mention, there was a lot more telling than showing. Ex. You wrote: "Jennie was really worried"...Instead of saying she was worried, describe her behaviour, her facial expressions. Use more action verbs rather than passive verbs (was, is). I'm still learning how to do this.:-)

I like how you introduced dialogue. The conclusion was adequate, but did not live up to the suspense that eventually solved the mystery.