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This is a story that manypeople can relate to. I could feel the pain of the MC and it ripped at my heart. I wanted to reach through the page and hug her.

You may want to double space between paragraphs. This gives the reader more white space and makes it easier to read.

You also may want to put the part about her past into a new paragraph. It will help the flow better.

You did mention the blog in the end, at first I wasn't sure you covered the topic but at second thought I think you really did it in a creative way. Her insecurities would have overtaken her had she not had a place to vent. The blog provided that release.

You have a great deal of talent. Your story really touched my heart. You may want to check the forums for tips to helpyou write for the challenge. There is a list of criteria that the judges use. Also thereare critique groups and challenge buddies to help your perfect your work. Keep writing you did an awesome job.
Oh, I felt for Meredith in this story. You created a very compelling character.

A few things caught me a bit off guard... The beginning it's all feeling and sounds. I almost thought she might be blind. Normally, if someone gets up and wakes someone up, that person would a lest open her eyes a bit, I'd think. But that may have just been me.

Another thing... (and this is VERY minor) The part about a well jarred me a bit. I think most people think of wells as being from an older time period. But that was very minor, and really didn't take away from the entry as a whole.

Great job. You told a great story.
This was an entry filled with warmth and truly on topic.

I loved the entire piece, from beginning to end. It is a scenario that most individuals can relate to.

Nice job- God Bless~
You succeeded in showing the inner struggles an individual can face and why. Her solution (the blog) may help in some ways, but it's an incomplete picture of what she needs for recovery. The story, stopping where it did leaves me wondering if she will ever find lasting peace. That aside, thanks for sharing.
Sometimes it is difficult to show other people just who we really are. It is rooted in deep insecurity, and can only be broken by a deep and lasting relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

How do I know this? I've been there. When God fixed the broken things of my life, I was forever changed. Now, for the most part, people see the real me. Most accept me for who I am, and the ones that don't, I can't help.

God bless you and thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed the read, but I rally felt for the lady in this story...God bless you in your writing...
A deeply moving story. My husband and I opened our home to a couple of abused girls--giving them a place to recover and find what 'family love' REALLY was. So, your story touched my heart.

The only criticism I would have is that you need to double space between paragraphs. Not easy on the current "post the entry" forum for faithwriters, LOL, but, it can be done. Would make the piece easier to read--all the print together is eyeball tough.

Good job on the writing--looks grammar good, spell good, story endearing to the heart. Great article~

Congratulations for ranking 8th in your level!
I noticed this is your first challenge entry. You did a nice job with it :) The message boards post the highest rankings for each level sometime on Thursday evening. There are also some great tips for writing for the challenge as well as the rating criteria that the judges use. Again congratulations!