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This is a very interesting story. I love your use of descriptions, they are so powerful and paint the scene so beautifully.

May I make just one word of caution (from personal experience)? I found that sometimes I would use so many descriptions that the storyline was buried too deeply to find easily; I kind of felt that this was the case with this story. And it's a really great idea, as long as people take the time to read it slowly and carefully.

I hope this has come across as encouraging. I can't wait to see who 'you' are, so I can bookmark you and read more of your entries! God bless and keep inspiring you. Helen.
I thought this was a clever entry with presenting the "seeds" being planted regarding good versus evil. I enjoyed it. God Bless ~
This is a sweet story with agood message. There were spots were I found it hard to follow, but for the most part I could picture the mother and son and the narrator quietly watching and wondering.
Wow! You keep writing like this and you're certain to end up on Level 4.:-) Every word was sheer genius. I loved the fairy tale, metaphysical flavor. "As though riding a chariot on the wisps of a gentle May breeze." Or, "As within other life forms does the potential for good and evil reside within the seed?" Masterful!
Quite worthy of first place.
I am so glad you won, I loved this message...Nice job! God Bless~
The blessing for the child's seed by the narrator is indeed a very special moment in this very special story. I can see a morning glory vine or a golden marigold or a very red carnation coming forth to bring color and vibrancy to an already colorfully written landscape. The Seed ends well. Congratulations!
Joni, I wanted to pop in and add my personal congratulations on your 1st place win. This was a glorious piece. The risk of an overly descriptive piece is that the message can get lost in the words. Yet, in this piece, the simple story you wove pulled the reader in.

Well done!

In His love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Congratulations on your win!
This is full of music, and "scenic". Emotions, thoughts, life, value and purpose are laid out like a scenary. Impressive!
Congratulations on your 1st place EC award. Your story was filled with excellent descriptions and questions.