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i love it! the title is great and the story lovely in a none cutsey way. i just have one question IS there a caterpillar in the Alic in Wonderland story?? or maybe that was the point caterpillar/butterfly.interesting you chose to run the story with a young teenage character as well as that made the whole thing even more topsy turvey.
winner for originality I reckon!
YES! YES! YES! I really enjoyed reading this piece and was cheering for the caterpillar clad 13 yr old. I was so glad that she learned from this experience at an early age that she could put her trust in the Lord. How true a lesson this is, if we let ourselves drop out of being in control and let God take over. Nicely written.
I would have loved to have seen this play. (I hope this is a true story). Your title is adorable!
A cute story and how God used a play to show her how special she was to him. Thank you.
Very sweet and instructive story. I love the storyline and character. Just a brief suggestion: at times you lapse into tell rather than show. For example, para 5 starts "sometimes God puts us...." If you re-cast this as the character ruminating over the thoughts in this paragraph, might be stronger. Oh, and I also love your title -- very catchy.
highly commended :-)there was a strong field this week and i dont expect there were many points in it pat on the back and encouragement.... looking forward to reading more