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Beautifully written! Love both the MC's. Thanks for sharing!
In a word: "Wow". The heavenly era that will never end and you describe it beautifully. Great writing all around.
truly moving and very well written. Very believable and your characters are very realistic.
Enjoyable read.
Very sweet and touching.
I love how you have woven the past, present, and future 'era's' with your poignant story of a 'living' friendship.
Through your carefully chosen words, I am excited to share heaven with my own friends. Well done!!!
So beautiful, so touching and very well written. Thanks for this wonderful entry.
Great story - I simply cannot imagine the beauty of Heaven, but you did a great job of making it very real! I love hearing about my eternal home with my wonderful Lord.
Your story was so tender and full of love. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you and God bless.
This is beautiful. It reminds me of the vision Grandma saw just before she died. Nicely done,
great story, i could imagine the scene in my minds eye. I felt it started a little slow and i got a little muddled at some point as to which of the ladies you were describing but the writing unfolded nicely into the wonderful dialogue.I love the picture you painted of heaven.
Let me see . . . the dictionary (I’m quite sure) states that a good story, well told, is something like . . . no . . . most definitely like the one entitled “Can You Imagine” by an author of whom readers need to see more . . . no . . . much more. This story was such a pleasure for me to read . . . thank you, for the delight. Bring more on, will you?
These characters share such wonderful moments in your story.
I believe in the angels standing right beside us, to escort us into Heaven. My aunt saw and heard them singing three days before she died.