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I thought the dialogue was well structured. I am a sucker for a seranade!
How sweet! We all need a second chance sometimes. I like the exchange between the couple- very believable.
I enjoyed this... it was a good story. Blessings, Amy
Very romantic with a good use of dialogue. Especially the opening lines. I wanted to read on. Good work.
Oh, GREAT character development! I agree with Christine - why did she forgive him? Although I'm glad she was making him work for it at the end. One suggestion: format the song so it looks like a poem instead of a paragraph. Beautiful lyrics, too!

Great job on this piece!!!
Well-written, with a balance of realistic dialog and description. I would have liked to see more remorse from Steve for his affair, and I'm not sure that I understand the metaphor in the last sentence. Overall, a very strong entry.
Great dialogue and very well realised characters, though I am a little curious as to why the woman came back to him since she did'nt hear his telephone message. I agree that the metaphor in the last sentance was rather opaque, but overall this appeals to the romantic in me. God bless.