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Thank you for a very interesting story. I enjoyed this very much. Good job and keep writing.
Nice devotional piece. I like how you tied the freeway sign to the comments made at the service. For having tired eyes, you notice a lot!
It's amazing how 3 trips to the same beautiful place can evoke excitement, happiness and tears - and yet God is in it all!
This is a nice message and a sweet way to offer comfort to a grieving friend. I wasn't sure who Deb was at first then I realized she was your friend's mother who had died. I like how God gave you a message that would allow you to pass it on. God is amazing and gracious inthat respect. We just have to be aware and be looking for his answer like you did. Nice job.
an interesting read and i liked the description and the contrast of the three trips each for different reasons and evoking different emotions.
I got slightly confused in the first paragraph when you used "last trip" for the second one, probably just me being fussy but it straghtened out and became clear later.
What an interesting story of the veering left and how the sign somehow gave you clarity...... we can sometimes feel that we have taken a left turn of Gods highway when in fact it IS all part of Gods bigger journey for us. this certainly gave me the oportunity to reflect on my own life and I thank you for that!