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Loved Hope Renewed. A very tender and loving letter. We do serve a God who can. Thank you for such a beauitiful letter.
What a sweet story. Often second wives may not have the best interest of the first family in mind. I'm glad your MC was able to set up an account for his grandchildren. Well done.
Great title that really fits the events of your story.

I was a bit confused by some of the changes of scene, and by the POV in a few places. And I'll admit that I don't understand the last line.

However, it's clear that events have turned in your MC's favor, and you gotta love a happy ending!
I felt all the ups and downs with your main character and was excited for the good ending. I enjoyed this very much!
I enjoy reading about hope and the passion it brings. Don't worry, you'll get the html part figured out. Nice work.
I was thinking as I read that the lawyer's letter wasn't very professional, but then I found out he wasn't employed any more. He could pretty much write what he wanted. :) These are definitely two letters that changed lives. Nicely done.
God personalizes His answers to our prayers. Proof positive that He knows and cares about each one. Good job and God Bless.