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I wonder how many will make a judgement call in their minds? We are saved by grace which is God's riches at Christs expense. Far fetched story but extrance into heaven is God's call. Thank you.
Ouch! It will take me awhile before this story leaves my consciousness. Good job.
I depend entirely on Jesus, but need to show Him to others, just out of gratitude alone.
How true that none is worthy of Heaven but Jesus has made it so easy. We just need to ask him into our heart seek his forgiveness and live like he wants and he's paid the price for all of the times I've messed up. What a wonderful Savior!!
Guess I have a bit of a problem with the theology in this story, but as far as the writing goes, it meets the challenge.
Little bit of passive voice in there. Bit of repetition. Other than that and the theological concerns it was okay. Actually I thought it was going to be one of those Peter at the pearly gates jokes.
I like the refreshing voice of this piece, very much.

Was a bit taken aback by Peter saying 'you've done it to me'--rather than 'you've done it to Jesus'.

A clever idea for the topic, and this will be a keeper with a bit of polish.
Don't know about Dave, but my arrival in Heaven won't find me cocky. I know long before I arrive that I failed Him miserably and His Grace opened the door. If I will be able to speak, I might be able to say, 'Thank You, Lord."

Congratulations for placing 7th in your level!
I agree with one of the other commentors here about the theology of the article. I would suggest a good Bible translation of the Greek word "angels" in the context in which you referred to. "Man being made a little lower than angels." Remember angels were not created in God's image, we were. Overall an interesting take on topic.