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What layers of meaning in this story. The banned books, the censorship of books deemed subversive. Then the horrifying thought that technology will do away with the need for books of paper. Then an scanner that will read the book for you so the skill of reading is lost.
This was rivetting. Excellent entry.
Excellent - and scary at the same time. Good, good writing!
Great story and well written. I hope you are not as gifted at prophecy as you are at writing. I would hate to see your vision of the future come true. The scary thing is that we know similar things have already taken place in the past.
Wow--scary to think you might not be that far off in what could happen...well written story--I could feel the tension/fear in the grandpa when he saw his grandson holding a Bible.
Wow this was such a suspenseful read. I can not picture the world ever coming to that, but I hope that's the truth and not the little bubble I choose to live in at times. Well done. The pace and levels of suspense were perfect.
What a frightening thought. Brought tears to my eyes.

Creative, suspenseful, and engaging.

Very nicely written!