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Oh, wow! You've expressed the inner workings of a Christian writer's heart for God--to give Him honour and due praise, to encourage, to make good use of his gift as a cleansed vessel for truth and kindnesses of our Saviour. Good job on disclosing this writer's vision, goal, and passions for His Master. Well done, faithful servant-writer!
This was fun to read. I love limericks, and yours was a good one, with a lot of incite and truth, much better than the ones that start out "There once was a girl from Maine". ;) Good job!
Really uplifting bit of verse here, enjoyable to read, with great content. Good job!
Great poem with a message for all of us.
What a creative use of the limerick (I LOVE it!). This line, "Spreading God’s views with colorful hues." is beautiful, and as a poet, something I can aspire to. Excellent work on this limerick with a superb message!
Very enjoyable limerick. You definitely portrayed the heart of a writer.
Very fun read ^_^

Great job
I like in the beginning where you talk about writers neglecting their chores for a little while to get their writing just right. (I've done this many times as I'm writing. . . but I always do get to the work. ;) )
And then you speak beautifully of the Reason we write. This is my favorite line:

"We jostle our lives in order to please
But this you must know, we stay on our knees
We have just one goal
To touch a dear soul
It’s God's saving grace we now echo with ease"

Wonderful job!