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I can see why you have a successful book. I enjoyed your writing.
What a story. I enjoyed this very much. We serve an amazing God who through His leading brings us to where He wants us. Keep writing from the heart.
After reading this and having a great lol moment, just wanted to meet your wife...God Bless her!!

This was openly touching as well. Good Job!
Thank you for your testimony. I liked this story a lot, and I'm glad you got to fulfill your dream of being a writer.
Great writing: it drew me in, kept me reading, led me through decades to a wonderful career. Congratulations and kudos on a wonderful piece -- and a wonderful wife!
Had to laugh at the thought of you ripping back the shower curtain and making your wife scream! :D What a way to get accurate descriptions. . .

I can relate to the "jigsaw puzzle feeling." Probably all Christian writers can feel it when they rely on Him to give them what they need to write. How He flows the story through our fingertips and it feels as if it's no longer us writing . . . and it probably isn't. ;)

Congrats on your book! You have a great writing style. Hope you have many more bestsellers.
The wonders of writing that can tame a troubled soul, dispelling emptiness and bringing calm to one whose patience is constantly challenged. Thank you for sharing candidly your experience. The Lord bless you and your family.
Two special needs children, a job, wife that works and you still find time to write a book? Remarkable. God surely blessed you. Thank You.