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Thank you for a very interesting article. I agree 100% about the Bible being written by many different people but it is inspired by God Himself. Please leave a space between paragraphs. It makes for easier reading. Otherwise this is very well written. God bless.
Compact and meaningful. Really, really liked your last two sentences! And yes, it is amazing how we can all be so different. Remember to double space between paragraphs for easier reading :)
Very informative.
Would have liked a little more intrigue.
A very tidy and well-composed essay.

I hope you'll check out the Forums (link at the top of this page) for more information on this Writing Challenge, and for a "Writing Basics" thread that may be of interest. And I encourage you to read some of the winners to see the sorts of entries do well with the judges.

Your writing is quite good, and I look forward to reading more entries from you in this Challenge!