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Very well written. I love poetry and this covered subject beautifully. Keep writing.
How true your words are! But how boring the world would be without variety. Good job.
Your Poem covered the subject beautifully.
I especially liked the last two lines.
As writers maybe we should take God more seriously and ourselves less serious.
Just a thought.
Loved this poem. Good job.
I enjoyed reading your poem which illustrated the topic perfectly. I especially liked your last verse which summed this up nicely.
Just a bit of red ink: Watch your use of commas and periods. Just a couple of examples to explain--
The writer of the story tell(,) I'd delete this comma
With words and phrases spelled out well.
Carefully placed with structure set(.) replace the period with a comma
But still a judge will hold the bet.

To tell us whether good or bad(.) replace this period with a comma
It brings a smile or leaves them sad.
Thoughtfully crafted. Especially liked your line: What you expect from what you read could depend on inner need. That's awesome :)
I did enjoy your poem, and I liked the message behind it. It's a good idea to get a wide variety of criticism before you decide whether your work is "good" or "bad".

The one thing that jarred with me was the very first line. It just wasn't grammatical. One writer 'tells'. Two writers "tell".

But don't let that little tad of red ink bother you. Grammar isn't as important as a good message, and believe me, this was a very good message. :)
I loved this--and I'm loving the irony of leaving a critique...

...but I found the word 'sieve' to be a bit of a 'forced rhyme'.

But hey--re-read your last stanza, and shrug this off. Love your attitude.
Congratulations in placing in the top 6 in your level.