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What a story. I enjoyed this more than words can say. Never judge a book by its cover. Those words are so true. Thank you and keep writing.
I liked this although I wonder how the sighted person would have known what scripture the man was reading. As I recall, Braille Bibles don't contain print except on the cover page. But it was well written and a good lesson to us all.
What a wonderful story! We are reminded that each and every one of us is very valuable to our Lord. Very well written!
Heart warming and self examining story. Great, Great message.
Great story!
I agree with the comment made concerning how the sighted person new what verse the braille bible was opened to.
The story was gripping.
What a beautiful story and such a great addition to the adage don't judge a book by its cover. Well done
If God teaches a teacher how to read braille by sight who am I to question it?

I enjoyed every part of your story.
This is a real eye opener! Great job of putting the scorner in the scorned's place. You made me take a second look at those "in my way." The Bible being open to a specific verse caught me - wouldn't be open to a chapter instead? Really, tho, you caught the heart of the topic, and wrote a wonderful entry. Loved this!
Congratulations in placing in the top 9 of your level. Good job!