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Wonderful story. My heart goes out to you at the loss of your precious baby, but I also rejoiced with you, at seeing Cyndy again.

And that peace you received that goes beyond understanding, I have felt too.

I liked all of the scriptures you used as well.
Whoa, that would be a trip! Seeing someone who's been dead for thirteen years. I love the verses that you wrote at the end. God really does have wonders in store for us in Heaven, but it's hard to remember that when we concentrate on the pain of losing someone we love. Praise God for the blessing that He gave you in seeing your daughter again! (If this is a true story. Otherwise, it's still cool for your character. :) )
This is a beautiful story and I can easily believe every word, as I had a similar thing happen to me. Well done, you brought me right along with you and I could feel your emotions deeply.
What a wonderful story of comfort!

There were a few writing mechanincs problems--paragraphing with dialog and some verb tenses come to mind.

I have a very tender heart toward the disabled, and this was quite moving.
Thank you for sharing this very well done story.
I am glad that you (or the MC) were comforted by the vision. I also extend sympathy for the loss of your daughter so early in her life. But...I would have to disagree that your daughter came in the form of an angel. Angels are angels, ministering spirits, yes angels can take on the form of people but people do not become angels. Scripture is clear about this. It wouldn't be necessary for an angel to take on the form of your daughter in a vision. Just a little food for thought. Overall well written except for the scripture inaccuracy.
I didn't think I questioned your use of scripture. I had to read your article again (I didn't)I agree with the scriptures about entertaining angels unawares. I was only trying to point out you had a VISION not a meeting with an angel (based on what you wrote). Okay we will move on, be blessed.