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Wow! There was some pretty honest sharing going on here. Remember Jesus' reply to the rich man: even if the dead were to return the living wouldn't be convinced. We have the Word and we need to share it so that others have the chance to know the truth also. But as you've pointed out, this can be hard. Keep praying for your family and be faithful in all things.
The best paragraph was the one with the actual text of the postcard: "Jesus is a riot." This essay was written with authentic voice and lots of honesty. Thanks.
A good lesson here that all of us need to learn/be reminded of -we need to share Jesus all the time, just not when we feel comfortable.
Written from the heart, echoing the cry of a heart for unsaved family who have hurt so bad with their rejection that there seems to be nowhere to go in witnessing – except to keep loving them and praying.