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Very funny article. I agree with Mom, he'll never live it down. Thanks for adding a smile to my day.
Cute story. Don't we all have those moments we feel silly. You had me worried for the boy and wondering who had taken his car. Very enjoyable.
I loved this OH moment in Will's life. It gave me a chuckle and kind of sounds like some things I do. I agree that Will will never live that moment down. I tell my daughter my mind goes out more then I do and when it returns I celebrate. This was a very enjoyable read. Keep writing and God bless.
Nice reversal of roles...this time its the young one that's confused. This reads like a mini sit com. Good job.
Great pacing in this amusing story.
Hey Michelle, congrats on placing 8th in the Level 2 with this entry! There are so many talented writers here, so great job! If you haven't already, be sure to check out the Highest Rankings on the boards:
Thanks, everyone, for the great comments. I really appreciate all the encouragement I receive here. The funny thing about this story is that a month or so after this incident, I got confused and thought the car had been stolen from ME! Will had left the school and gone home, and he thought I knew.

No, I didn't know about the ranking. Thank you for letting me know!