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A different take on the ohh, but well-told with quite a bit of emotions. I felt slightly confused, perhaps if you had given more details... You're love and feelings did shine through. I can tell it is a topic that runs close to your heart.
A very interesting take on the Ohhh's of life. I was drawn in to your story and now I want more. I felt your emotions and pain over the callousness of people abandoning helpless little babies right after birth. Thank you for sharing your heart felt feelings and God bless. Keep writing.
This is a topic that all dedicated Christians should speak out on. I like how you wrote that a baby's life is NOT a choice of the mother or doctors who brought it into the world - it is a human being made in the image of God. Very forceful! Keep speaking out on the precious God-given gift of human life.
Wow. You've given us so much to think about. Choosing life is important.How sad for those little lives that ended before they could even begin.
Thank you for sharing this story...I know that this happens in the world, but it's so tragic to think of it happening. I, too, wonder will happened "after the ending." :) I liked your descriptions, too. Keep up the good work!
Great descriptive writing. You drew me in and I was feeling and seeing that tiny life. I needed just a little more, too--who was in that room, who was making that discovery, who was talking?
Thought provoking!

Like the other commenters, I'd love some insight into who's speaking, and what happened next.

Lots of heart-thumping suspense here.