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So well done.I like the happy ending.A great lesson on prayer over our children.Ann was in that hedge of protection mama prayed over her.
I enjoyed reading this, easy to visulize the characters and the point of the power of prayer was made clear. Very good writing.
This story held me all the way to the end. Very creative - very nicely written.
I have witnessed the power of prayer and firmly believe we need to pray daily for our children, country, circumstances, etc.
So glad you wrote a happy ending for Joy.
Wow, totally awesome story. Love how it brings out the power of our prayers.
interesting take on who has and doesn't guardian angels. never thought of it like that. thanks for a new idea.

Pedophilia is an evil thing.

Unlike others, I did not enjoy this story.

Your idea that only children whose parents pray for them have guardian angels is ill conceived and thoughtless.

I personally know children who were prayed for daily not only by their parents, but their grandparents as well and they were victims of pedophiles, and believe me, their memory of the event did NOT fade as they grew older.
That's why we call it fiction. We can make our written endings happy.