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Some good thoughts on black,You did misuse the words wear and where. You probably already noticed.
Random thoughts on black, and you are a maverick. The instructions say not to use the topic in title but you did anyway.
I liked these random thoughts and noticed the misuse of where and wear as well. To the comment above I think the rule is not to use the subject AS the title as oppossed to IN the title. If it's IN the title I'd be quite disappointed in the blue winners who had blue in their title. Maybe "Ink Blots" which are black as well as random.
I liked the fact that you put black under the microscope and saw what you saw.
Interesting way to use black and to describe the different ways it can be used.
Pretty creative. Watch out for the syllable count. It is important for this series of Haiku, I think.
Good attempt though, and the subject was well covered.
lol my bad. They are supposed to have 7 syllables in the second line.
It was interesting to read about all the black things you came up with--some positive, some negative. You had some good descriptions.
A series of haiku! How wonderful!

I'd work a bit on finding ways to make your word choices lighter, not so prose-y.

I enjoyed reading these delightful tidbits--it was like glimpsing your brainstorming process.
Sorry for the 'wear' and 'where' mistakes on this entry, I really do know the difference, and also for using 'Black' as the title, I really didn't notice that rule.