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Interesting story about the day of Christ's crucifixion and how even the red sunrise was a warning signal that darkness (spiritual and physical) was on its way that day!
I like the piece. Besides the spiritual application, it reminded me of a day I awoke to such a sky. Before day's end, my kids and I were playing in about 18 inches of snow.
I love it when someone takes a familar Bible account from a new angle...this was very refreshing and meaningful.

A few anachronisms: I don't think a person in Biblical times would have thought in terms of "5:00 a.m.", and the saying about sailors is certainly from a much later time period.

Very strong writing, especially good in mood and atmosphere. I hope this one does very well.
That was a lovely read. I love to be taken to Biblical times. I found myself wishing I'd thought of that !!!
This had it's good moments, work on the details and it will be very good.