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Poor city boy! This is hilarious (though if it's true it wasn't funny for the participants, I'm sure.) I loved the last line.
I enjoyed this thoroughly - it was intriguingly told in a manner that I didn't want to stop reading of the City Boy's journey. And, I learned a great deal about the people and customs of the Congo which was an added bonus!
This is a lovely account of what happens not only in the Congo, but many other parts of Africa. Delightful and very african!
What a fun story to read, though I am sure the city boy wouldn't agree! :)
While ants are certainly a problem (Ouch) in Africa, the dread army ant would have eaten through the chicken, missionaries, chair, and maybe even the "new paint"--In short all your brilliant descriptions of African life. I especially loved your ending, with the locals, though they evidently could communicate with the missionaries,making such a hilarious cultural mistake. Well done.
You put the reader right into the setting. I bet this City Boy was ready to go back home, especially after the last line. Thanks for a great story.
Oh poor Darrel! Talk about culture shock; and to not even get a glass of cool water! This trip would certainly either make him or break him with respect to staying as a missionary. Nicely done.
Poor guy... will he adjust? Will he stay? you have me wondering...
I enjoyed the humor of Darrell's night. I hope he got some rest.
Oh, poor City Boy! I enjoyed this bit of comic relief from the many dark entries this week. Great descriptions - I was immersed in the Congo along with Darrell. A bit of work on "show don't tell" would spice up your writing, but over all a very good read.
Lively story with interesting details of a missionary's encounter with a new culture.