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Your poet's heart is evident here as you describe this world and bring life to the creatures its land. I'm thinking you must have had fun searching for certain rhymes to keep your theme consistent and it looks like you did a good job. Very enjoyable!
Excellent poetry. I love how you tied it together with the eagle's viewpoint. The message is clear—how sad that we, who were entrusted with caring for God's creation, are so quick to destroy it.
You have captured the essence of Africa with its beautiful animals in this piece of poetry. Thank you. What has happpened in Zim is indeed sad, we can only hope and pray that one day peace and stability will return.
What a gut wrenchingly tragic poem. Zimbabwe has truly suffered greatly these past few years and your poem is a wonderful yet grave reflection of that. Well done.
Your poem is beautifully written.
It was like I was on my own African Safari from above...safely gazing down at all of God's magnificnet creations...and yet seeing the tradgedy that man has made of it. This is a picture of God looking down on the whole world...Our hope that Jesus is our savior and may those in Zimbabwe hear the word as well. Beautifully written, thanks.
You have a way with words. I can see the picture so clearly. Thank you for your heart's message.
Congratulations on your deserving placement with this poem. The descriptive words you chose made this piece come alive with vivid pictures in my mind. Great job and your message comes across loud and clear too--we must all be good stewards of God's creation.