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As a person who loves cooking chinese food and eating it I really appreciated this entry. Well done. Makes me hungry.
I laughed out loud when you wrote about spraying your non stick pan so your food wouldn't stick. Too funny and so true! Glad your rice came out well.
My husband cooks all the time and this sounds like him; determined to make it work and adding flavor. Thanks for the flavor filled read. Great descriptions, I can smell the sizzle of the oil.
I loved your entry. I love Chinese food and this really hit home. Thanks for sharing your story with love.
Oh, this was so much fun to read. Now, what should I make for dinner?
This is how I cook too! I never can repeat the exact same taste again because I can't remember how I did it! A very yummy entry!
Great entry. My fried rice never turns out the same way twice either!
Great writing! We eat at Chinese restaurants a lot, but I've never tried to make fried rice at home. Now I'm glad... this sounds complicated! Hmmm... where's that take-out menu? I'm starving!
Hey, this sounds good. Think I'll go check my freezer to see what veggies I have in there. Wonder if I have any rice? You definitely got me interested. Good job!
You nailed it on the head. This is how I cook. Who ever has all the ingredients you are supposed to have for a recipe? When I read about spraying the non sticking frying pan I had a flash of my pan with gunk stuck to it. Thank you for the fun story.
Oh the joys of creating your own recipe! I have been in this situation myself this week. A good portrayal of the plight (and delight) of many a creative cook.
Oh, you completely fooled me. I had visions of it becoming a pot of glue. I too love Chinese... any Chinese.

You kept me reading, waiting for something to happen. Then at the end... If only I could remember just how to do it again I groaned in frustration. Well done, good entry :- )
Oh, this sounds like my mom. A little of this and some of that. Ask her how she did it, and she'll tell you, "I don't remember."
Very clever entry.
One of the most unique approaches to this topic, by far!
Great piece. I especially liked the last two paragraphs because I could certainly put myself in that situation. One comment on content, and this purely a personal opinion, but I would have liked to have known who the narrator was early on. To me, this would have engaged me quicker to take me through to the end. But, like I said, great piece with some great descriptions.
I know my food is done when the smoke alarm goes off - no kidding. I cook like this too. Very good story. I guess I won't write down this recipe and try it, though, huh?