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I found this quite delightful--Grandmo's story-telling skills are wonderful.

FYI--You meant musliM, not musliN (which is a fabric).

Your writing put a smile on my face on a rainy afternoon.
Very interesting story telling by the grandmother.
Also interesting to see that Turkey is part of Asia and Europe.
Unusual perspective of a country. :]
Great way to get information into little heads...tell a story. Very interesting!
Nicely written. The opening was dramatic, and the way Grandmo developed her story kept the imagination working. The illustrations also were very appropriate for children. Very well done
This is an excellent way of teaching children about the Bible and about geography.
I really liked the way the setting was described to bring the reader into the room and actually experience the story...roaring thunder, candles, flashlight, snuggling close, rain hitting the window. Very nicely done as I felt like I was there and couldn't wait to hear the story. Based on other comments received, it seems that my following comment will be a little contrarian; however, as it relates to the actual story, I personally think it would be hard for a child to effectively understand the political and religious dynamics communicated in the story, although I liked the creative style that was used to try and bring the subject material down to the level of a child like Land of the First Rainbow, Straddle the Fence, and Almost Persuaded...very creative way to weave a difficult topic into the story.
I love how each boy tries to be braver than the one before; yet you can almost see in them the need to be reassured, albeit some do it in a more secrative way. I could see their youth, enthusiasm, and curiosity. Thank you for the lovely story.
I'm always ready for a "grandmother" story and especially liked the introduction to this one.
This was such a sweet little story, and I could picture them all snuggled up to Grandmo. Well done!
This was great! So much inside of here, glad I didn't miss it! I liked this grandmother! ^_^
Let me guess:)
Grandmo is a retired geography teacher. Well written story, but I agree, it may be over little kid's heads unless someone in the family really is a geography teacher.
On the other hand... great way to snag adults by making them think it was for children. You caught me, anyway.