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It is amazing how one decision can change so many things, isn't it?
An interesting family history. Any one of the paragraphs could someday be exapnded into a longer story; I hope you do that some day.
I watched the Rolf Harris programme. My husband is very keen on discovering his family history.
Very good.
I loved your refreshing nonfiction piece!
You describe the events very well; I would suggest making the paragraphs smaller so it's a better flow for the eyes of the reader. Just my preference, though. Well done!
Very interesting! I like the little details, like the twin babies in shoe boxes surrounded by cotton. Those things make your history palpable to the reader. Nice job.
I found this a very interesting slice of history and would love to read more.
What an amazing family history...I would've loved to read more! Well done!
I like the song lyrics that began your story. How your grandmother took care of her newborn twins with the shoeboxes and goat's milk was especially fascinating. Then your ending... all of life's "what if's".. An amazing story!
Your title is carried out well in your family history. I love the story of the shoebox incubators.