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Powerful. Explosive. I can only wish that I had written this...
Thanks for sharing this: too funny (in the way you penned this), though at the time I'm sure it wasn't. I try to give gifts that don't outlive their usefullness, or stand little chance of offending someone.

This year, I got my 19 year old daughter the "Love Comes Softy" movie series, directed by Michael Landon Jr. They are great movies, and something she can enjoy for years to come. Another one of my favorite gifts to give is framed original poetry. People love to have good stuff written for and about them.

Just some thoughts. Your entry made me smile. Thanks for sharing it...Merry Christmas, Randy Gene
Thanks for this! I have some such outlandish gifts myself! However, I have to admit I may have GIVEN some also. The love, and the heart connection behind them truly is the important thing. Lovely writing!
Oops! I clicked before I really finished. Thanks for reminding me of Jesus, the still unwanted gift. I hope we can simply keep offering the truth of Who He is, and that people will see that He is the Gift of gifts that gives meaning and hope to all.
Well-written, good message. :)
This really could be a great devotional. Your story in the beginning hooked me right away. It's personal and quite humerous (even if it is a little self-depreciating). Then you were so gentle with the message. Really good job here. :)
Excellent devotional! You really hook your readers with the humor at the beginning, then give us a great aha! moment during the lesson.

(I once got a candle shaped like a very realistic meatloaf. I never had the nerve to burn it.)
The connection between unwanted, unneeded, offensive gifts, and Jesus' gift of restoration with GOD, is really good. It holds an abundance of truth.
I enjoyed this devotion! I especially like that the MC still has all those "oddball" gifts, and she cherishes the thought behind each one. Very well written.
I forgot to say - the last paragraph is a perfect ending, GREAT message. :)
Congratulations on your EC, Sonya. I agree with the others--this is an excellent Christmastime devotional. Very good job with the topic.
Congratulations on your EC! I love the messages here, as their are several truths to glean. As has been said, wonderful devotional. Blessings!
This just sparkles! Great humor (I love the Wright Brothers comment), and beautifully developed, with an ending that firmly but gently hits home. Would you consider composing an e-Book on "How to Write Engaging Devotionals?" Methinks you could give us a few lessons!