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Once I caught the form of changing time-frames with paragraphs my confusion cleared. Nice job with the comparisons/contrasts between the "young" narrator's experiences and the narrator's daughters'. :)
I really enjoyed this piece. I love the excitement you wrote into the girls voices, and mom had such a sense of peace about her. The back-and-forth didn't confuse me. Good writing!
I just realized that you had two things going on here - the MC in the past experiencing her own Christmas, and the MC in the present listening to her daughters enjoying the tradition passed down to them. I like it even better now. :)
I didn't catch the connection between Christmas past and present the first couple times through, I had to really focus on the names of the girls; but I'm usually the last one to catch joke.
This was delightful.
It didn't take me long to catch the back and forth... what a wonderful story! Love it. I, too, loved the excitement you captured in the girls. Well done.
You took me back a few years. We always got to open our stockings whenever we wanted, too, and they often had Life Savers story books in them.

This was charming, and I could see it all happening.
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