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What a fun read! Thoroughly enjoyable the whole way through. (Oops - sorry that I actually enjoyed your nightmare! LOL) Your writing talent is evident. Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
This was funny! I'm sorry about the bad experience, but isn't it true that often the worst experiences are the ones that adhere in our memories? This made for great reading.
That was very funny to read through. We sure do learn, don't we? (LOL) God bless ya, littlelight
Wow what a keepsake :-) All that and your kids were probably not old enough to remember even a year or two later. You two were definitely a brave couple. Very well written.
Very well done. Sorry you had such a bad experience, but thanks for sharing the story with grace and humor. It was fun to read from the safety of my living room!:)
Wow! What a trip! Great piece! Thanks for sharing!
I loved the "I wouldn't call that a 'sign'" lines!! Good job!
Oh wow! reminds me of one youth group camping trip another girl and I shared a tent that doubled as sieve. We had waterbeds the next morning.
Oh... and even though I know it said "Aunts" and not ants, for some reason I kept picturing little black ants helping carry the stuff lol.
Well described! You gave me a real sense of place and how you felt. Loved the list in the penultimate paragraph! Bet that pack up was no where near as organised as the one from home.
What a funny, yet real story. I agree, that would be one of those "once in a lifetime adventures" for me. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.
I love the contrast between your watch which "screamed 2:07 a.m." and your clock in the van which smiled 9:30am. Sounds like a real nightmare! Your writing ability is great!
Lots of fun to read, I can see this story being told around the dinner table at family gatherings.
What talent you have to turn such a miserable experience into such a delightful read. I enjoyed the humour which is a gift in itself.
Nice Job! A deserved win!!!
Wonderful Tammy! I loved it! So funny... thanks for sharing! In Him, Amy