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Yummy! Poem & coffee!
Well, done! It was cute, filled with little surprises, and a deep truth. When we yield to our feelings, we often begin to give up just before the Machiato arrives. God is awesome and always on time.
Oh, what a gem he is!

Very cute poem--the meter's a bit raggedy, but hey, so was your narrator!
I loved this. I'm not (don't throw tomatoes please) as big a fan of poems as I used to be because they make me have to think too much, but this was great! Easy to read and understandable. I love the ending, especially! Well done. :)
I loved tripping through the morning with you, love a man that thoughtful! Good job.
Your big lug reminds me of mine.
Sweet ending, what a great reward for the sleepy, patient mom. Such a vivid poem. Love baby's cry for milk. I want you to show more bewilderment/surprise at husband's departure to show us that this isn't him leaving for work, which would be odd without at least saying good-bye.
So cute and such fun. You brought a smile. Thank you. :)
Oh, that's a fun one! And give that man brownie points!
I'm not much for poems, but this one grabbed me; maybe because I can relate.

I love the surprise at the end when "honey" brings home coffee.

Great job.