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Oh my, this is extremely well-written and engaging. What a precious story! This line was precious:
Through the flickering drops of candle flame, she leaned forward and said softly, sincerely: “Next time, I’ll try to sit myself a little lighter.”
That coulda' been me...I'm not the most poised individual. ;)

Well done!

Well done. At first I was a little confused at the switch from the description of a genteel woman (his mother) to the bumbling Marigold, but after a more careful re-read I understood. Nice title, by the way :)
Superb. Creative. Howlingly funny! By the way...I'm another Marigold!
Oh, my! I find this unbearably lovely, bittersweet, melancholy...and in the end, full of grace. Simply beautiful! My only teensy nitpick is that I have a hard time placing it in time...but from the wonderful double meaning of the title to the last gracious gesture, this is gorgeous (and would not be out of place in Advanced or Masters).
This is very, very good. I agree with Jan--this is Advanced/Masters good. Your descriptions are so vivid--I could picture the entire scene.

The third paragraph was my favorite--making me laugh out loud. And I, too, thought of "My Fair Lady."

Wonderful job with the topic. And I love, love the ending.
This is excellent story telling. I loved the imagery and character development done so well in the word allowance.
How beautiful! How very well written with such good word carpentry. This is such a winner! Kudos!
The imagery here was phenomenal, and the characters were very distinct. Excellent writing.
What a beautifully written story! Your imagery is of Master's level.
Awwww! I love this! How sweet! I was rooting for Marigold, that she was really a sweet and sensititve person, but just wasn't super-graceful. I loved this, she's a wonderful character and I like the ending with the pepper grinder. Lovely! ^_^
Perfect title!!! The theme, the characters, the humor--all packed into that title. In fact, so many words and phrases in this piece are packed with nuance. Keep writing in the challenges! I can't wait to read more of your work!
Excellent description and sense of place. You put me right int he middle of your scene. Well done.
Good Title ! I liked this paragraph..."The morning Vincent met Marigold was a drizzly mess; the faithful old man, however, caught her eye. And she stopped. Her synthetic clothing hung limply along her curves, as she had no umbrella. Yet, she stopped. Her voice was too loud, too jangling. Yet, when the old man offered a blood red rose, a sacrifice, as he refused payment, she accepted it into both of her hands with a simplicity of joy that reminded him of his mother."
Well done!
Oh my! This is really quite romantic. The makings of a beautiful love story.

Personally, I think this could be expanded into a much longer story.
As you know, I already liked this one, the "shadow" telling of one of my favorite stories, only sweeter.