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From the title to the end you showed the competition between brother and sister, but also the love. Good job.
I guessed the MC would win by the second paragraph. It is very hard to develop tension with this type plot because convention tells us the MC is the one we should have sympathy and the hero wins through.

The real story was the way she dealt with it and resisted the temptation to brag. That was nicely done.
Good job with building tension to the climax--readers always like suspense.
Well done that you could narrow down the childhood sibling rivalry in one event.

Your MC is a stong character. Good job.
Loved the title, it's what drew me in at first. I enjoyed the build up of suspense and your MC pacing nervously.

“I’m sorry, God,” she whispered. “Your will be done. Please help me have a better attitude.” even if she didn't win, that prayer made her a true winner.
Good job.

As I was reading this, I started to wonder how this related to the topic, and then you surprised me at the end. Very good job of building suspense while at the same time adding a surprise twist.

This was a well written entry, and a joy to read. :)