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I enjoyed traveling through the years with Tommy and Teresa with their game and liked the surprise for Teresa at the conclusion.
Clever--I love to play games, so this really appealed to me.
I remember playing time and time again- trying to get that illusive win.

I wonder if it would be possible to say that Monopoly is a registered trade mark of Waddingtons? It would save distracting the reader. You could clarify this issue by asking on the Faithwriters Message Forum.

Long live the board game.
I like seeing a childhood rivalry carried into adulthood as a positive thing.

Good story... must be good memories behind it!
Way cute! I have similar memories of the game "Sorry." It could get pretty heated! Great job!
Ahhh, true sibling rivalry, what fun! An enjoyable story from start to finish Tim.
I loved following the techonology advances. Great twist.

Well done.
Monopoly is my all time favorite board game, and so I really related to this piece. I love all types of games, but there is nothing quite like sitting down with the family to a nice board game on a weekend evening.

I liked how you showed the progression of technology and how it allowed the brother and sister to continue their tradition even when separated by distance. Your ending was nice too. Thank you for sharing.
What a delightful story. One of my favorite games to play with my dad. Just played it two weeks ago with my kids and lost!!! I even had Park Place!
Wow, the modern way to play, huh? Enjoyed this sibling tale very much!
Loved this story! Great job!
This was a fun read. Who hasn't played Monopoly and can identify with this piece? Very good job!
We had a few Monopoly marathons too. Your title brought back a lot of memories. This is great! I love the ending and the hand-delivered stack of $500 monopoly bills.
Awww! This was so cute and fun! I loved that the games could continue all the way into the change over with digital, etc. I enjoyed it very much! ^_^
Fun, cute, and a great job with characterization. Truly enjoyed this, Tim :)
This was very enjoyable read...well done!
I loved how your story took me through a lifetime of memories. Well done!
Congrats on Highly Commended, Tim! Soooooo happy for you!!!!
Congratulations on your Highly Commended. We've had some of these Monopoly marathons in our house, too. Nice job with the topic.
Cute! Very cute! And I could relate to Monopoly. My brother (2 years younger) and I whiled away baby sitting hours playing monopoly when we were in our early teens. So I could see you sitting there with your sister (or the sister in your story), playing all night. And it was refreshing bringing monopoly up to date via modern technology. That part is beyond me. Guess I don't have time for on-line games, but it was fun reading about it. Loved your story...Helen