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I liked how you ended your poem as it began and enjoyed the progression of princess to tomboy to wife and mother.
I very much like your rhymes--you chose some different and sophisticated combinations. If I were to suggest anything, it'd be to pay closer attention to strict meter--I stumbled a bit in places.

Good progression and pacing.
I like this! The rhymes were good and carried the story and pacing well.

I love the imagery of the title.
Great title.

Well done and I love the possibility of history repeating itseld.

Loved this!
I too LOVE the title, but the whole poem was wonderful. Well done.
Love your title! This was an enjoyable read:)
I am totally impressed... I am terrified to try a poem! I know nothing about poetry so whether it's good or bad I don't have a clue. This i know... you were brave, you were willing to be stretched, you were very creative, and you once again pushed the bar higher for yourself... don't ruin it by second guessing, regrets, and insecurity! You should be so proud of this piece.
This is an awesome poem! I really like it...

I have to confess here that I made a mistake and thought I was commenting on someone else's who was struggling with feeling like they bombed... this was so nicely done there is no way anyone should feel like they did poorly with it!

So sorry for the comment in the wrong spot! I LOVE your poem!!! Very creative and sweet! Awesome title!

The title was intriguing and the poem didn't disappoint. Great story telling. It was fun how the story went full circle. I agree, watch the meter count. You were adventurous in some of your word choices but it worked well.
I read this after you commented on my "Cousin" story. This is a wonderful story but wonderful stories can be told with clumsy words, but not this time. Your rich use of language with a beautiful story well told make this a gem. Thank you.