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A very engaging tale. Great descriptions.

I would have loved to have a translation of the foreign words in this - perhaps in a note at the end? I would have loved to know what was said in the beginning.

The characters were very real.
What tension and suspense! Good job on that.

I see that you translated the Polish at the end, but there were a few other places where that would've been helpful. Nevertheless, an excellent story.
Thank you for sharing your story. It, like Corrie TB's stories lift us from the mire of self-pity/ self absorption! I'm sure there is more to this story. It has great take away value, especially to Americans! Keep writing!
Wow.. very well written and heart stopping. The ending actually twisted my gut. So tragic. Great job of writing and very creative!
This read like a wonderful memoir.

I felt terror as she was left alone.

Well done!
Are you trying to scare me to death? LOL I couldn't have stopped reading even if the house burned down around me. It was gripping and very well done. My only fear was that the whole entry would be in Polish and I'd have to buy a Polish dictionary!
I cannot begin to imagine how scared the little girl must have been. This was so well written and full of tension. I'd love to see a longer version. Well done, very well done.
Hmm! What a story! There's culture, description and suspense! I liked how the brothers were together and I felt sad at the end to see how everything was 'coming apart' with the German's arrivals. Great job with this though! ^_^
Intrigue, suspense, fear, action...this had it all. Well done. I do agree that it would have been helpful to have translated more of the foreign phrases.
Being Polish and a fan of World War II stories, I really found this story engaging.

I agree that translations for all the words would have been nice (I'm of Polish descent but I don't speak it unfortunately). However, even without understanding the foreign words, this is still a really well crafted piece that I greatly enjoyed. Thank you so much for sharing it!