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Nice sentiments from a grandmorther, not a very good flow as poetry though. Noticed several typos but the intent was there, keep growing and keep writing.
This would be good for the topic of "granddaughter" with some editing. Very sweet.
I enjoyed this.

I don't know a lot about poetry, so I can't comment much on that aspect of it. I will say that parts of the rhythm seemed off, but I was not focused on that. Instead, I was more focused on the sweet words that were coming forth from this darling piece.

I saw this as working with grandmother or granddaughter as the topic. It all depends on what perspective you want to look at it from.

Thank you for sharing.
A lovely tribute to your grandmother, whether or not the poem was written as from YOUR grandmother to you, or was written BY a grandmother to her little granddaughter, it is nicely worded. You have talent. I'm glad you are using it.
Beautiful thoughts. This has a very peaceful feel to it, almost as if I were holding a baby and caressing her head.