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Loved this "report from the past". This eyewitness account was filled with emotion and the true meaning of Easter. It changes lives. We serve a risen Lord. Congrats!!
I really enjoy reading "personal" accounts of biblical history. It gives it a sense of reality and gives us images of the truth that we already know. Your account was no different. To see this painful and horrific moment through the eyes of a child was poignant and lovely.

I especially liked the end, where the child put her hand in her father's hand. How symbolic. Loved it. Nicely done.
The flashback was nicely done. It helped show that he wasn't just caught up in the momment, that the Lord really changed his life.
Telling the story in this manner brings it to the personal level. Thank you for your submission.
Loved this story and the perspective you took. Love the idea of how the story was retold, and how it touched those at that time. Thank you.
I like the device you used. An eye witness account from the past and brought back to the present with his daughter's hand in his. Very touching.
The human touch - literally - with the child's hand in his and his vivid memory coming to life once again reached my heart, too. So well done!
This was an excellent story. Very good imagery. I liked the way you placed the boy at each point to bring out key points of the events that led up to and Jesus' death and burial. Bringing the story through the years of the main character and then passing it along to a future generation was a good ending...or new beginning.