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Are you trying to scare us into being sure of our stand in Christ? What a challeinging message - please God, don't let it be me that doesn't know you on the Day.
Thanks for a scary, challenging message.
I understood your heart in this article. In ministry, I see this type of "spirtuality" all too often. As far as red ink, I can only tell you what I am trying to learn as a beginner. Use strong, colorful and exciting words.
Good job with showing us this man's thoughts and feelings in his last moments.

My only comment is that this is a familiar scenario in Christian fiction, and in order to stand out, it needs some very different twist. You've got more words--can you think of some way to surprise your readers?

Great one to be read at an adult Sunday School class for a discussion starter.
This brought up a lot of emotions for me ~ not too pleasant ones.... Powerful piece. My Dad was a well respected man who passed away in anger ~ you illuminated my greatest fear. Ouch. Thanks ~ :-)
Maybe you wanted to leave this open to interpretation, but I kinda wondered what the man did to "divide the church". My question is influenced by a church split that I witnessed. But this is a good solid piece that would be a great discussion starter.
Though it is an often used theme, you managed to create a character who got my attention. I like the way you put a light on his motivations-that's where the true heart of a believer reflects Jesus.
Thought provoking entry. From this preacher point of view... this preaches.

What I like is that the MC is a self-deluded, self-empowered, self-righteous deceiver of his flock. All Christ wanted him to be was self-less.

Thanks for writing this.
What a twist. I didn't expect that sort of ending, but you definitely made it real enough, I felt as if I were there too. Excellent job! ^_^
I liked this, and thought it exemplified the topic well.
My first thought as per Jan's suggestion was having him revived, and truly repenting, but I think that's been done too.
You have brought to mind much "food for thought." And that makes for an interesting read.
A good tie-in to the topic. I also would have liked a bit of a unique take, but this was well-written.
A bit chilling. Lets us know that we must examine our hearts to our real beliefs and the true reason for our actions. Well told.
What a bold reminder. Makes one look deep inside, thanks for the nudge. Tomorrow could see this high on the list. Keep up the good words!
Great writing, Beckie. This is one conversation I would never want to be part of! Great job!