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Oh my goodness! Jack learned a "golden" lesson and the phone is still ringing. A good read. Thanks.
This was on topic, the lead up and build up was good but climax was very weak. What was Jack doing for 4 days? What is the point of asking for references if you're not going to use them? Needed a tad more punch. Keep working at it.
I love the hint of humor in here! I'm also glad that He didn't get conned like all the others before him. This was a good point on topic, I liked the beginning too with the wedding, very nicely done. ^_^
Your building up the marriage with the wedding and honeymoon and first job does a really good job of putting the twist in since we all knew the topic and were expecting something else. I'm glad the last lawyer decided to press charges and that God stepped into the situation in time for your MC. Great writing.