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Your title drew me in, liked your POV. Really liked the last paragraph. Keep it up!
Good point of view and discussion of the church. Your last paragraph tells me you've got more inside you--the art of wordcraft wanting to explode onto the page. Let it go. Don't hold back. Get a partner or someone to proof your work for punctuation or grammar. Good job! Christmas blessings! :)
There are really good thoughts here. I would suggest not starting a sentence with the word "but", unless it is conversation. I loved the title. Keep writing.
I like your conversational tone.

"It's" always means "it is" or "it has." If you're looking for the possessive word, you want "its" without the apostrophe.

Good title.
Great last line. And great idea. I really like it when a writer blows by small thoughts and tackles central issues like you have. The challenge when we do, however, is to make those grand central issues live and breathe. Your last line does that. Agree with prior comment. You have more in there, don't you?