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A touching story - thank you for being so transparent with us.
This is a touching story. Finding God was the answer and I'm glad you did. Your apostrophe sign seems to be giving you a bit of a problem. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story with us.
I am so glad that you chose to allow God to be there for you and that you can always rely on Him to be close and true.
You've dealt with a truly hard situation in your life and come through it with a positive gift: Your renewed relationship with God. Only He could get you through this and comfort your heart. Thank you for sharing this very personal story.
Ten years ago, my own family experienced a tragedy at the New Year. Celebrating the New Year hasn't been the same for us because it holds this sad memory. My sister, however, let this tragedy turn her in the opposite direction of yours. I am glad you chose the right path to God.
Poignant and touching. The customary New Year that we all celebrate may never be the same for you but who says you can't celebrate your new year in Christ? Make it your own and celebrate all that is new and wonderful in your life. God bless you.